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Family and personal affairs

1- The convening of a traditional marriage 
for acting of a traditional marriage required of attendance two witnesses, the designation of a dowry, to highlight the identity of the couples, and to bring the certificate of (Personbevis) for each party. 

2- For acting a marriage together in a traditional and official registered, it is required to obtain a permit (Hindersprövning) from the Tax Department (skatt), the attendance of two witnesses, the name of dowry, and to highlight the identity of the parties. And it requires that one of the parties should be resident of Sweden. 

3. Certificate of Divorce (Islamic) 
for completion of divorce proceedings and granting of a legal certificate, there are a variety of situations with this procedure. There are both simple and complex situations. 
It is required to contact the office for the determination of your case and in order to find out what documents are needed to study your case. 

4. Proof of a traditional marriage 
Proof of a traditional marriage (the renewal of the contract of marriage) you may need to renew the contract of marriage and to obtain a new certificate proves your marriage. It is required to provide two witnesses to verify the validity of the marriage, or provide a copy of the old contract, or designation of who carried out the contract and the referral. 
5. Certificate or marriage annulment 
Women may need in the case of the absence of her husband, or having severe damages because of the husband, to presentation of her case to the legality Islamic Committee for consideration in order to remove the damage from the wife. There are a variety of actions, including simple and complex of them. There are different durations of the completion of this procedure; they differ from one situation to another 

6. Proof of a legal divorce. 

7. Proof that the relationship between the couple is divorced according to Islamic law. 
May an agency or a committee needs ascertain the nature of the relationship between the spouses is it in a marriage or in a divorce, in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, the Specialists of the office will communicate with the couple and witnesses in order to be ascertained thereof. And further actions could be done more scrutiny to determine the nature of the relationship between the couple. 

8. other social certificates  

9. Certificates and instruments for social conditions of the legitimacy of civil registration. 
certificates and documents can be granted for different social and personal affairs subjected to each topic separately. 
For more information, please call the office. 

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