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Religious Services

We are pleased to offer you a range of Islamic social services and legal services.
We can visit your place to complete the service, or you can also visit our office. 

1. Islamic Legal Opinions 
You can obtain legal Opinions on various issues and topics related to daily life in different areas of worship, transactions and afflictions issues. We have been allocated a separate location for this service. 
 Note: Visit the Website of this service. 
2. Private lessons 
we offer private lessons for individuals, institutions and government agencies. 
Topics: Islamic studies and religious issues and social and cultural affairs, and Arabic language. 

3. Lectures and scientific courses of legitimacy 
we offer public lectures and sessions of the legitimacy for individuals, institutions and government departments. Topics: Islamic studies and religious issues and social affairs, cultural issues of the Arabic language 

4. Rapid intervention and emergency services 
Rapid intervention in case of need to control or improve a bad situation. 
we cooperate with the institutions of the social affairs, the health sector, the fight against crime department, police, Red Cross and other. 

5. The health services sector 
We offer our services in the area of spiritual and psychological care for Muslim patients. Also we cooperate with the governmental and private health sector.

Note: The fees


Om oss

Vi är en specialiserad konsultbyrå som ger råd och stöd inom religiösa frågor samt sociala och kulturella tjänster. Konsultbyrån är registrerad och innehar F-skattsedel. Huvudkontoret ligger i Stockholm och härifrån styr vi vår konsultverksamhet över hela riket.

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